The town of Petrovac na Moru 

Petrovac na Moru is a small but even more popular town with 1.500 inhabitants located on the Montenegrin Adriatic coast. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Although it is mostly a mountainous area you will find fantastic beaches with reddish sand but also many cultural monuments and attractions. The seaside town with a promenade in the middle of lush vegetation can be found near a sandy bay. It is surrounded by dense olive groves and pine forests only about 15 km southeast of Budva. The town lies in a bay surrounded by high mountains, which protect it from cold inland influences. It is hard to believe that in the past it was just a small fishing village. The city is ruled by the Venetian fortress of Lastva of which only a part from the 16th century has been preserved. Also worth mentioning is Lazaret which currently serves at the Castello night bar. A valuable historical monument is also the Church of St. Iliju from the 15th century. In its vicinity the foundations of a Roman country villa from the 2nd century were uncovered in which the remains of a mosaic have been preserved. The mosaic was created in the 3rd to 4th centuries and comes from a mosaic workshop in Salona (near Split, Croatia). More remains of Roman buildings have been found here, but the archaeological survey is still not complete.


Petrovačka plaža 

The surrounding natural scenery is completed by olive groves and pine forests. The most beautiful beach is considered to be Petrovac beach (Petrovačka plaža), which stretches around the local bay. Petrovac beach is 600 meters long and its interest is the reddish sand, which is hardly to see anywhere. This beach is one of the most visited on the Budva Riviera and on the entire coast of Montenegro. The beach is located directly in the city, below the promenade, which is lined with restaurants, bars, cafes and small shops.


The 200-meter-long Lučice Beach is also very popular. It is located in a small bay, just a few minutes walk southeast of the city. It has a gradual entry into the sea and is lined on both sides by rocky cliffs. At the beach there is a complete services from bar, cafe to restaurant. There are also small stalls where you can buy everything you need for the beach or in water.

Petrovac islands

The beautiful natural scenery of Petrovac is completed by two small islands, beaten by wild waves, located directly in front of the bay in Petrovac. These are Katič and Sveta Nedelja, which directly invite tourists on a boat trip. According to legend, the small church standing on the top of Sveta Nedelja Island was built by a Greek sailor who survived here after the shipwreck. It is said that the sound of a church bell brings happiness and health.